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Jon Jones

Advanced PGA Professional

Master TrackMan Professional

Jon is an Advanced PGA Professional and TrackMan Master Professional with over fifteen years experience in the golf industry. He works with touring professionals, top amateurs and beginners alike to improve their games. Whilst Jon is based at Harleyford Golf Club in Marlow on a day-to-day basis, he has also been involved with the elite county junior squad and often travels with clients to distinguished events.

Jon uses TrackMan 4 and the latest video technology for every coaching session to ensure that his clients have the best experience possible. All of the acquired media and swing figures that are captured throughout the lesson are forwarded on afterwards to enable the client to build their own learning portfolio.

Jon believes that to achieve consistency, regular coaching is required to stay on the right track. Even the best players in the world have their coaches with them all year round. Coaching workshops are also available which enable Jon to go into greater detail and work with the client to implement the required changes. 


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Harleyford Golf Club

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